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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the success of an online venture. It encompasses many aspects which are all crucial to building a successful website. The measure of success, in this case, is a high ranking in the search engines which allows visitors and potential customers to find your site simply by searching for relevant keywords or phrases.

Bit Extra Web Solutions offers SEO services designed to accelerate your website to top page rankings on popular search engines. We use only guaranteed, ethical methods to promote and build web pages which generate high amounts of profitable traffic.

How can SEO help?


Without SEO services, most websites languish – lost in the millions of search results. Search Engine Optimization provided by Bit Extra Web Solutions will target keywords and use time-tested strategies to obtain top listing for your website. By appearing in the first few pages of search engine results, your website will be visited more frequently and, in turn, be considerably more profitable.

Many individuals undertake optimization on their own, but soon discover what an enormous chore it is to meet all search engine criteria. By obtaining specialists in the field of SEO, such as Bit Extra Web Solutions, you will be able to focus on the monetary aspects of your website. Overtime, as the experts work their way through the crucial steps, you will see your profits grow – without any additional work on your part.


Our SEO Services

For complete Search Engine Optimization, there are many areas of your website to target. The knowledgeable staff at Bit Extra Web Solutions tackles all aspects of SEO simultaneously or separately depending on our client’s needs and wishes. We provide expert services in the following:

Directory Submissions

Category specific directories are an excellent means of gaining exposure in your niche as well as developing one way links. We will submit your web pages to high profile, relevant directories in order to begin gaining new avenues of traffic and increase rankings within search engine pages. Click here for more info

One Way Link Building

Having other websites link back to yours shows search engines, and any other interested party, that your material is relevant and desirable. The more niche specific links targeting your website, the more popular your site will be in the search engines. Finding other websites to generate these links can be daunting for some individuals, but with the huge number of respectable contacts of Bit Extra Web Solutions, we are able to provide highly relevant links in very little time.

Article Submission Service

One of the most meaningful ways to show the industry, search engines included, the importance of your website, is to provide meaningful content to others. By submitting well-written articles, not only do you gain a link back to your website from the article itself, but you also stand to gain tremendous exposure as others pick up and use your material on their sites. With literally hundreds of article submission sites available throughout the web, we can help target the most meaningful and get your desired results.

Page Optimization

Optimizing web pages involves many different aspects in perfect. Keywords, phrasing, titles, headings, and even images must strike an ideal balance of relevancy and use. We are experts at finding the best keywords or phrases for your site and transforming your content and coding to reflect ideal optimization standards. more info

Forum Posting Services

Gaining exposure for your website is critical. Forums throughout the internet contain endless numbers of potential customers. By targeting these customers through meaningful forum posts, complete with a link to your site, we can help generate additional traffic to your online venture and gain popularity as a whole.

Keyword Research

The most fundamental aspects of an optimized website are the keywords anchoring the site. Selecting the most relevant keywords and designing all optimization around these words or phrases can mean the difference between almost immediate success and eventual failure. We have substantial amounts of experience in selecting the best keywords for online ventures, and can assist you in the selection process. more info

Technical Analysis

The coding and tags behind a site drive its ranking. Bit Extra Web Solutions will perform a complete technical analysis to determine if your Meta tags, Alt tags, content, and anchor text are performing up to expectations and develop a methodology to ensure success.

Site Analysis

We also offer a complete website analysis which offers an in-depth examination of your website’s architecture, content, rankings, Alexa standings and much more. You can not move forward until you know where you currently stand, and a complete site analysis is the best way to gain a full understanding of your current position. more info

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